Singer and comedian,Tunde Ednut has called out Nigerian celebrities like Wizkid for not appreciating posts about them.
Citing an example of Rihanna who reposted the kid dancers from Ikorodu dancing to Wizkid’s song,Soco, Tunde said Nigerian celebs with less number of followers don’t even appreciate people who promote them.

He wrote
With 60million followers, they tagged her and she has posted them twice. Our celebrities never even reach 10million, them go pretend like say them no dey see anything wey dey go on for social media. Some won’t even like your post when you help them promote. They believe it’s their right for you to post their shit. Anyways, we can’t always stand on that table, we will come down from it one day because the table go tire for you. Na wood nau.
When a fan alluded the celebrities include Wizkid,he confirmed it.