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Sexual Harassment At Flavor's Enugu Show: No More Free Show By Umeh Valentine

Sexual Harassment At Flavor's Enugu Show: No More Free Show By Umeh Valentine 

No More Free Show umeh valentine

The intense campaigns against domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, and inequity in the social backgrounds all too often depend on an image of women as weak and victimized.

Just days ago, Enugu’s very own “n'abania” coroner, 2niteflavour decided to host an unconstrained all night event, to give back much love to his people at 042, just to merry the short Easter celebration but it quite did not turn out as merry rather messy as most did not expect as amount of girls that were sexually harassed and raped at the Concert was heavy’.. The malevolent ill acts that took place in the night seemed improbable to accept but it all took place right at our own very eye, in the presence of an Executive Governor and other top dignitaries sitting. The manifolds of rape cases recorded against Ladies is something worth intense legal investigation by the state government. However there has been numerous reactions coming lately concerning this particular issue, many have called to end all free shows, while others have specifically pointed out at the level of indecency among young girls, which many claim to be the guiding factor why many men are sexually being enticed to them.

Whatever the case or cause might actually be, the most important thing is to sternly label “rape” what it is in all moral sense and ramifications in the society. Rape is a crime which stigmatizes the emotions, a crime of insult, oppression and revenge that needs to be punished because a rapist is a criminal and all crimes and their beneficiaries must be punished. Unfortunate enough, this isn’t the first or probably won’t be the last rape case to be recorded in shows such like the ones Flavour did. To avoid these acts and other numerous ones upcoming, keen steps should be taken fervently before dark.
Good gestures of Eastern big name luminaries to give back to same people who held them aloft during their respective early beginning , such as Flavor, Phyno, and many others have been noticed and has been abused equally. It’s time we say a very big thank you to those guys for the free gestures and look forward to reality at hand. This isn’t the first time an A-list artist is hosting free show with such impure incidents occurring, it took place at Phyno's fest last November. The fiscal constraining on shows and security beef ups is the major solution to this problem, and would go a long way to help curb such acts, just like we all know, you rarely see things like this in Lagos, where the minimum gate pass is exhaustively steep, touts and street rascals are better restricted and regulated when gate fees are beyond there reach, which extensively reminds them that entertainment shows are not medium for sexual violence and abuse. However, when there’s free entrance for rascals, what more do we expect other than mischievous dingbat seeking sexual exploitation.  Whatever comes free is treated in the same manner as given, care free attitude, you don’t expect to have best security guards at events which was not paid for or rather events that lacks constraints of any kind.

To end it all, this is not about indecency as many label it,-girls on denim trousers were raped and clothes torn like men with iron claws -, neither is it about ending or not coming for shows in Enugu city, rather we require more constraints and security alerts, which are the very best solutions to these dreadful acts we’ve witnessed. When people get to pay for shows, they should be properly informed that there money does not cover only the artists to be watched, but also security and safety wise as well.
 There’s a saying that goes thus “cheap wine always tastes sour aftertaste” Perhaps it’s well noted now that free things they say comes cheaply and easily, with accompanying ills that follows it. Until we meet the above standards in public shows, it’s most likely and advisable that Ladies should remain indoor tight not unless the safety and constraints of such show is proven to worth it. To those who tagged indecency to such act, let’s not forget the word “indecent” is conventional in meaning, i.e what’s morally justifiable to you might be morally viewed otherwise by another, and that’s not enough reason to involve in or support any criminal acts against a fellow.

Entertainment is meant for pleasure and delight of body and soul, not emotional, mental and physical traumas that associates with rape. They both should remain foes as long as humanitarian is concerned.





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